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Base Business Initiative 

Delivering Real Insight into Fort Meade Defense Contracting

The Base Business Initiative (BBI) helps business to navigate the complex 

defense contracting environment.  The BBI team works with more than 2,500

partner companies through outreach and networking, to help position

business to support critical defense missions, with a focus on Ft. Meade. 

The BBI tenets are transparency – support – connect.

Transparency Opens Opportunities for Small Businesses
to Navigate the Contracting Landscape

Fort Meade's mission is to be the Center of Excellence in Information,

Intelligence and Cyber. A large percentage of that mission is accomplished

by contractors, and the Army post's continuing growth has increased the demand

for contractor support. The contracting environment, however, can be challenging

for businesses, as it requires institutional knowledge and sustained resources (time, money, people, and information) to succeed.

A common perception of federal contracting is that one must accept mountains of red tape. The BBI lends transparency to the contracting environment and empowers capable small businesses to support critical missions at Ft. Meade.

BBI wins Maryland Economic Development Association Award (MEDA), April 2014


Joining the BBI is FREE! 
To become a member (“Partner Company”) of the BASE Business Initiative and to be added to email distribution, all you need to do is register in the BBI Match-Up Database!
Questions about the BBI program? 
Click the link above or Call: 410-313-0843
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